What’s a Whop app?

A Whop app extends the existing functionality of Whop. Most Whop apps are built by third-party developers, not by Whop.

You can build an app to add features to Whop businesses and extend the Whop business experience, or to create unique buying experiences for users. You can also pull Whop company data into your app, platform, or integration.

To tailor experiences to their specific needs, users install Whop apps to help build their business, integrate with external services, and add features to their Whop company.

How apps fit into Whop

Apps integrate with Whop in the following ways:

  • connecting with Whop APIs to read and write business data, in response to either user input or webhook event notifications
  • extending new features inside existing parts of the Whop dashboard or Whop consumer experience
  • enhancing the way that companies deliver experiences to their users

All apps are shown to Whop users through an iFrame, enabling the developer to build a standalone webapp and easily plug it into Whop.

Different types of apps

User Apps

These are apps built to enhance the user’s experience. Developers create these apps for businesses, intending for the business to add this as part of their product offering and sell it to their users.


  • Live streaming app for streamers to sell to their fans
  • Calendar app w/ zoom integration so influencers can sell 60 minutes of their time
  • Gate your GitHub repo

Start building your app

You can follow our guides to quickly create a new app or use our prebuilt Next.js template. All of our developer guides and tools use Next.js + React.