Let's discover Whop.

Getting Started

Get started by Checking our API Documentation first to understand the requests in this tutorial.

What is Whop?

Whop is the marketplace for our virtual future. We help you buy, sell, and rent digital products. Think NFTs, sneaker bots, membership communities, and more.

Creating your enviroment

In this Tutorial we will be using NodeJS as our primary language.

Create a folder and cd into it:

mkdir our-awesome-project
cd our-awesome-project

Or simply right click and create a new folder if you are using Windows/MacOS.

Now we will need to initialize our project by using the following command:

npm init -y

Then we will install an HTTP Request module and in this tutorial we will use node-fetch. If you are using ES6 just install it normally but for the sake of our beginners we will use CommonJs, install it using this command:

npm install [email protected]

Version 2 supports CommonJs require('node-fetch') method, higher versions only supports ES6 import fetch from 'node-fetch'.


Awesome! now that you have initialized your project and installed the required modules let's head to the next tutorial.