Whop is a marketplace for digital products. Whether you’re looking to sell a web app, software project, file, course, or access to a private community — Whop has the services to help you distribute, manage, and grow your business.


Products are the core of Whop. They are the goods that sellers create and customers purchase.

Whop provides flexibility in product pricing and subscription options. Sellers can offer their products for a one-time fee or set up recurring payments with monthly, yearly, or custom renewal options. In addition to paid subscriptions, sellers can also offer free trials or free access to certain products.


Experiences are the content included in the products sold on Whop. When customers purchase a product, they gain access to these experiences, which could include:

  • Files: Digital downloads like PDFs, images, music files, or software installers.
  • Courses: Educational content, such as video lectures, quizzes, or interactive assignments.
  • Software Access: Access to web apps, desktop applications, or other digital platforms.
  • Community Access: Entry to private online communities, like Discord servers, or Telegram Groups
  • And so much more!


The Whop Marketplace is the central hub where buyers can explore, compare, and purchase products. The marketplace is designed to facilitate easy discovery of products for buyers and to help sellers reach a wider audience.