App Developers Office Hours is a monthly event organized by Whop, in which app developers building on Whop can get together and discuss the apps they are building. It is an open place for asking questions, raising issues you are facing, and showcasing the apps you are working on.

Events are hosted on our official Discord server.

The next event will take place on Sunday, Jan 28th at 3pm EST.

Who is invited?

Everyone! If you are building apps for Whop, or are just interested in the apps ecosystem, you are more than welcome to join us and listen in.

What will I learn?

The primary goal of these sessions is to make you learn about new Whop features for developers. For the Whop team, it is a chance to identify what issues the community is facing. All office hours calls follow this agenda:

  • The Whop team will start with a quick 5-minute introduction to Whop apps
  • We will open the discussion for anyone who wants to raise issues or questions
  • The Whop team will share new developer features and roadmap items
  • Qualifying developers can showcase their app to everyone on the call

Can I win prizes?

Yes! If you showcase your app during the last part of an office hours session, you are eligible to win prizes. The Whop team will rank the apps they have seen and announce the winners 30 minutes after the session ends.

We will offer the following prizes:

  • The best app wins $400
  • The second-best app wins $200
  • Three additional runners-up win some Whop merch

Additionally, we will promote the 1st and 2nd place apps via Twitter and personally show them to a selection of our top creators.

How do I RSVP to the competition?

Please do this as soon as possible, before working on your app:

  • Tweet out a description of your idea, and tag @WhopIO.
    • Example: “I’m building a @WhopIO app that allows creators to collect and rank suggestions from their members”

Your app must be live on the Whop App Store before office hours starts. Anyone on Whop should be able to install it. See our deployment guide.

What apps can I build?

Here are examples of some of the most commonly requested apps from our creators:

“Sell access to X” apps

These are apps which creators can purchase which enable them to sell access to different digital products on Whop, like:

  • Sell access to a Slack workspace
  • Sell access to Notion templates
  • Sell access to a private GitHub repository
  • Sell access to a private Twitter feed

Apps for a creator’s members

These are apps that offer members that have purchased a product on Whop extra features, for example:

  • A deals feed app for members to find 90% off deals across the Web
  • A WTB/WTS marketplace app for members to buy and sell items from each other
  • A suggestions app for members to spread new ideas to improve the creator’s community