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⇪ Upgrading from v1.0

The biggest change you should need to make when upgrading from v1.0 to v2.0 is to switch the base of your requests:


Old -
New -

Otherwise, our endpoints should be very similar in structure. When you are trying to access a singular resource, you should look for endpoints containing the verbiage Retrieve, while endpoints containing List will refer to multiple resources. If you see endpoints not currently in our v2.0 documentation, there's a chance we're still working on migrating it. If you're unsure, ask a question in the Developer Chat of our Discord Server

Where did Licenses go?

One of the biggest features of our v1.0 API was the ability to manage license keys for software experiences. In v2.0, we've brought over this same functionality, but given it an overhaul to fit into our new relational schema.

Licenses are now Memberships, so instead of Listing/Retrieving/Validating (etc.) a License, you would now do those actions to a Membership. The key field on the License object is now the license_key field on the Membership object. To reset a License, you would now call the Update a Membership endpoint, passing metadata as {}

What's new in Whop's v2.0 API?

1) OAuth. The new API version has a full out of the box implementation of OAuth. Easily allow users to log in with Whop on your website and get back an access token on their behalf. This will allow you to easily log users in, prove they are who they say they are, and build custom tailored experiences around them!

2) API v2 reflects everything new we've added to the Whop Dashboard 2.0. You now have memberships, access passes, plans, experiences, payments, and more. All of our different resource types have had their structure and relations redesigned to reflect the data that's important to you. The docs feature full typed responses with descriptions on every single field.